Frequently asked questions

How much does the program cost?

Our goal is to provide an affordable basketball program that everyone can participate in. All of our staff are 100% volunteers. Each season the fees will vary based off of the amount of games, tournaments, or training sessions offered. We try to make it the cost as equitable as possible. If we break even, that's a win in our books. We do have to factor in costs such as registration fees for tournaments, administration costs, and facility fees. While we strive to make our programs affordable and accessible to the community, if you ever need assistance, please reach out to us directly, we'll figure something out! When you join the Ballers program, you are making it more affordable to other players in the community, so thank you for your contribution and joining us in creating a better program for all to enjoy!

Where do you practice?

Training camps are currenly held at Loyal Heights Community Center. Teams hold various practices in the Greater Seattle Area. Our coaches and training staff will be in contact with families to coordinate basketball programs.

How do I know when practices and games are held?

We keep our social media up to date with upcoming events that you can share with friends and family. For parents and players, once you are registered, we'll send you an invite to our TeamSnap app. This is our primary means of communication for upcoming tournaments, snacks, and directions to the game!




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